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Re: [at-l] I'VE GOT IT! MY TRAIL NAME IS....

Think about this Phil.....So many people are going to ask you if your
hiking with that name cause you like to distribute those " Watch Tower "
little magazines I find in alot of the laundry mats when I was single. No
offense to the Jehovah community...
Just a little thought....   Tumbleweed

> From: Phil Romans <promans@justice.loyola.edu>
> To: A <at-l@saffron.hack.net>
> Subject: [at-l] I'VE GOT IT!  MY TRAIL NAME IS....
> Date: Monday, January 27, 1997 7:19 AM
> Ok,
> 	I was thinking about this for about 2 months.  And wham, taking a 
> shower this morning provided me with my trailname that will leave a mark 
> on me like so much permit marker.
> Just call me:  Watchtower.
> -=phil (finally dubbed)

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