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[at-l] Blue Blazin'

>Here's a thought question.  We're all aware of the term 'AT purist' which
>means essentially doing the trail from white blaze to white blaze with no
>deviations whatsoever (the way I hope to do it the first time!!).  Now, has
>anyone ever planned or thought about hiking the AT, but doing so using as
>many side parallel trails as possible (not roads).  In other words, passing
>as few white blazes, but still using trails, as you can.  An example would
>be to use the Big Blue-Ticonderoga trail, which parallels the AT between the
>SNP in Virginia and comes back in somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Jim -

We had a group in 92 who blue blazed all the way to Katahdin.
They managed to get caught on a couple of them, though - the
blue blazed trails don't always go where you think they go and
sometimes they had to backtrack.

I've done the Big Blue/Tuscarora Trails - and I wouldn't
recommend them as an alternative to the AT.

Walk softly,

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