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[at-l] newbie greeting

>one question, that i've really begun to be bothered by, is overall cost.
>For as long as i've been interested, i've heard $1 per mile, and have
>been planning accordingly.  Lately i've been hearing things that lead me
>to believe that i might not have as good of a time, let alone make it
>with that figure.  I will have a little breathing room, but should i
>wait, save some more, and try again, when i have some more $?

nater -
The $1 per mile number has been floating around for a long time.
You might want to save a little more.  Ginny and I know people who
have done the Trail on $500 or $800 - but it wasn't as good a trip
as you're hoping for.   A lot of people spend well over $3000 for
the trip - mine was about $3300.

Another aspect of this question - how much will you need to survive
for the 3 to 6 months it'll take you to get a job and get settled after
you finish?

Walk softly,

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