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[at-l] newbie greeting

hello all,

i'm new to this group and to the at commuinity.  i'm planning to head out 
to Springer the end of march, to put forth an attempt at GA>ME.  i've 
already gleaned much info from the group, in the two days that i've known 
of it.  I've been reading the archive, so i'm mildly familiar with goings 
on here.  Anyway, hello.

one question, that i've really begun to be bothered by, is overall cost.  
For as long as i've been interested, i've heard $1 per mile, and have 
been planning accordingly.  Lately i've been hearing things that lead me 
to believe that i might not have as good of a time, let alone make it 
with that figure.  I will have a little breathing room, but should i 
wait, save some more, and try again, when i have some more $?

tia, and nice to meet you. :0)

nater (which isn't a trailname, necessarily, but may turn out that way)

	Actually, he hates to be alone, but he finds it somehow  
	  more depressing to be surrounded by people and still  
	  feel completely isolated.
                      Veronica Pelot
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