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Re: [at-l] newbie greeting

Nathaniel Young wrote:

> i'm new to this group and to the at commuinity. 
> Anyway, hello.


> one question, that i've really begun to be bothered by, is overall cost.
> For as long as i've been interested, i've heard $1 per mile, and have
> been planning accordingly.  Lately i've been hearing things that lead me
> to believe that i might not have as good of a time, let alone make it
> with that figure.  I will have a little breathing room, but should i
> wait, save some more, and try again, when i have some more $?

I have heard the $1/mile thing, and was planning to do a '97 thru-hike
but I definitely am now postponing until '98. I don't really have the
money to account for $1/mile, let alone the "safety net."

I want to save up at *least* $3000. I don't want to have to bum money
off of others (I don't like to borrow $$), and I don't want to feel like
pinching pennies to make sure my savings last to Katahdin. You may feel
differently, and it is ultimately your decision. But remember, more
money = more stuff (food, hotels, restaurants, etc). :)

And if you do postpone until '98, see you there!! 

Diana ^(raven)^ * raven@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu
The Appalachian Trail 1998 * Georgia -> Maine
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