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[at-l] great

Right on James....can't wait to see that page of quotes. Those 
and the originals of last night are high octane fuel!

	The originals should be placed in their own special cabinet to 
mark their authority. 

	I was wondering if anybody out there knew the name of the poet 
who read the poem at President Clinton's inauguration. He had a great 
line which went something like, "..we want to become what they [those of 
past times] meant to be...."  ?? Quite memorable and apt.

	I'm searching the databases for Shakespeare's contribution...
"such wind that scatters young men throughout the world, to seek their 
fortune further than at home, where little experience grows..." (I'm 
sure he would include women today)....

       Doug Gibbons, Port aux Basques, Newfoundland       

       A happy heart goes on forever.
       (The Winter's Tale [Shakespeare])
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