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[at-l] Re: Robert's Schedule


I hiked in 1996, from Waynesboro, VA, to Andover, ME, (a little over half
the trail), so I'll give you my opinions (they're free and worth every cent)
about your schedule.
(BTW, I turned thirty-five on the trail and while not overweight, required
about three weeks before getting into hiking trim and four weeks until I
could pull off a twenty-mile day).

* In general, I'd suggest you might want MORE days off.  This is a personal
choice obviously, and my personal bias is to take as many days off as I can
(about one per week), so I can enjoy the towns and sights around.
*  Luray is unlikely to be necessary for a resupply.  SNP has plenty of
eating opportunities (four in the forty miles prior to Luray), and the
front-running  thru-hikers I saw passing me in mid-May (Pappy, Seldom Seen,
Polly & Ester, Jeremy the Catskill Eagle, and Vince the Canuck) were doing
twenty mile days on relatively level terrain, making it a five to seven day
hike from Waynesboro to Front Royal.  
* One can get through PA, without a day off, but you might enjoy one if
you're like me.  I took a pseudo day-off (3 miles) in Boiling Springs, my
favorite trail town after Hanover, NH.  Aniles makes a mean stromboli!
* Double check your mileage between Harpers Ferry and Boiling Springs--it's
actually 98 miles--I suspect you may be able to get by w/out the resupply in
Boonesboro.  You can likely buy one meal per day along the trail in MD.
* Unless you are using resupply points to avoid waiting over the weekend for
a maildrop, I think you can eliminate the resupply in Pine Grove, PA, which
requires a hitch into town.  You will have passed through Duncannon one to
three days before--a  resupply/maildrop there might get you to Port Clinton.
* Assuming you leave Glenwood, NJ, (John & Mitzi Durham's inn) on day 121,
it's a tough three days of hiking to get to Bear Mountain, NY, by eod 123.
For me it was four days: easy, medium, tough 26 miles over Harriman state
Park, an easy six mile jaunt into Bear 
Mountain from the nearest shelter.
* Salisbury Connecticut is a nice town to have a day off, although Kent and
Cornwall Bridges are equally nice.  
* I prefer maildrops right on the trail.  If you use UPS, you can send a
maildrop to The Inn at Long Trail at Sherburne Pass.  I ended up staying at
the Inn three nights, as it has the finest Irish bar and music I've seen
anywhere.  A maildrop here would avoid South Pomfret, which is only a day
shy of Hanover.
* You may want to take a day off in Hanover--it has a little more
culture/attractions than North Woodstock (tourist town).
* The section from North Woodstock, NH, to Gorham, is rugged and beautiful.
I spent eleven days doing it (everyone was passing me), which included time
for two bad weather days, and to slow down for a trail romance =-).  The
Whites are too beautiful to miss in a bank of clouds--I sat out a day at
Liberty Springs campsite to hike Franconia Ridge in good weather.  Upon
reaching Kinsman Notch, my speed expectations scaled back from two mph to
one mph, and my expected distance in a day went from 12 to 22 miles per
hiking day to 5 to 12 miles per day.  Wingfoot correctly points out that the
Kinsmans are a rugged introduction to the Whites--it took me four hours to
do four miles over South Kinsman, yet was one of my favorite spots on the trail.

Hope this too detailed information helps and that you can make your hike
this year!

Laughing Man
Waynesboro, VA --> Andover, ME '96
Katahdin by 2001?

>Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 00:38:24 -0500
>From: rhymworm@mindspring.com (Robert Rubin)
>Subject: [at-l] resupply plans
>Dear gang,
>I'm probably not going to be able to thruhike this year, but there's a slim
>chance, so I'm still planning as if it's going to happen.
>What follows is a list of maildrops, resupply stops, and days off. Could
>someone who has thruhiked or at least done a large portion of the trail
>critique this? I've tried to be very conservative, as I'm 38 and am going
>to have to hike into shape from being a good bit overweight; but I'm a
>pretty athletic guy so I figure eventually I ought to be able to hike
>strongly. I have a detailed itinerary, but that's probably an exercise in
>wishful thinking, I'm sure. This might be more real, though obviously
>weather and injury could throw it all to hell. As I see it, this will take
>slightly over 6 months.
>My questions are:
>Am I being too conservative? Too many days off? Am I overlooking
>extra-tough sections that will slow me down more than I expect? Am I
>planning for 5 days covering in a section that typically takes 2? Too many
>maildrops? Stops that are likely not to be good for the resupplies I need?
>Here goes:
>Day     Off Trail               Section
>1       Begin Hike
>5       Neel's Gap GA           31.1            resupply
>6               **day off
>10      Dicks Creek Gap         36.2            **maildrop only
>14      Franklin NC             40.3            resuuply
>15              **day off
>20      Stecoh Gap              50.4            resupply
>21      Fontana Dam Shelter     12.5            **maildrop only
>25      Newfound Gap            41              resupply
>26              **day off
>32      Hot Springs NC          66.9            maildrop, resupply
>33              **day off
>38      Erwin TN                66.2            resupply
>39              **day off
>44      Hampton NC              73.2            resupply
>45              **day off
>48      Damascus VA             40.6            maildrop, resupply
>49              **day off
>54      Atkins/Marion VA        74.2            resupply
>60      Pearisburg VA           88              maildrop, resupply
>61              **day off
>68      Daleville/Troutville VA 90.5            maildrop, resupply
>69              **day off
>74      Glasgow VA              58.7            resupply
>77      Tyro VA                 47.5            resupply
>79      Waynesboro VA           24.3            maildrop, resupply
>80              **day off
>86      Luray VA                79.3            resupply
>90      Front Royal VA          33.4            maildrop, resupply
>94              **day off, Harpers Ferry VA
>96      Boonsboro  MD           65.8            resupply
>102     Boiling Springs PA      80.6            maildrop, resupply
>108     Pine Grove PA           73.3            resupply
>110     Port Clinton PA         29.3            resupply
>115     Deleware Water Gap PA   72.2            maildrop, resupply
>116             **day off
>120     Glenwood NJ             59.8            resupply
>123     Bear Mountain NY        50              resupply
>130     Salisbury CT            96.5            maildrop, resupply
>131             **day off
>137     Cheshire MA             79.2            resupply
>143     Manchester Center VT    72.2            maildrop, resupply
>144             **day off
>150     South Pomfret VT        78.3            **maildrop only
>152     Hanover NH              16.2            resupply
>155     Glencliff NH            42.1            **maildrop only
>158     North Woodstock NH      25.5            resupply
>159             **day off
>166     Gorham NH               73.9            resupply
>170     Andover ME              47.9            **maildrop only
>175     Stratton ME             61              resupply
>180     Monson ME               73.7            maildrop, resuuply
>181             **day off
>190     Katahdin                120.1           End Hike
>Any comments welcome.
>- --Robert

Christian E Rademacher
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.   USA

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