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Re: [at-l] ATC HQ map +ATC New Email address

There's also a map online of Harpers Ferry at the NPS Harpers Ferry site.
Thge map is at the URL : www.nps.gov/hafe/hf_info.htm

Unfortunately it doesn't show the  cross street (Jackson) by name that the
ATC is on, but the HQ is pretty much just directly under the words 
"Harpers Ferry" on the map that's on that page, on the Shenandoah side of
Washington Street (rather than the Potomac side of Washington Street.)  
As Jim O. said, it's pretty much right at the top of the major street that
goes up through the town from the  "downtown" which is at the confluence
of the two rivers.

ALso, I got word from Laurie Potteiger yesterday that the ATC's new email
address is now in operation:  info@atconf.org   Remember to include your
snail mail address if you're asking for something that's going to have to
be sent to you by snailmail.


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