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[at-l] car/day hikes

Sharon -

>Has anyone ever done a thru or long-distance hike on the AT with a partner,
>two cars and leap-frogging??  You know, leave a car at the end of a section
>(as far as you think you can get without resupply), a car at the beginning,
>then when you get to the "end car", drive back, pick up the "beginning car",
>drive to the next "endpoint", leave a car then drive back to where you
>left off (after resupplying, doing laundry, picking up mail, or whatever
>else you need to do "in town").  I know this sounds convoluted, but is this
>just too impractical, or too wimpy, for folks to consider?  At least you
>would never have to hitch (barring unforseen circumstances), could have
>a second set of clothes in the car, or whatever.

In 92 we had a group that we called the Shenandoah slackpackers.  They
slacked most of the way from Waynesboro to Katahdin.  They used a truck
through Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York, then one couple went back
to Indiana to buy a second truck to use for the rest of the Trail.  The size
of the group varied from the 4 that went all the way to Katahdin to 10
of us (plus a dog) who went from Caledonia to Duncannon together.   The
logistics were horrendous - and expensive.  It is workable if you're
willing to put the emotional energy into it.  But it's also not the same
experience as carrying the pack - which is why Ginny and I only stayed
with the group from Caledonia to  Duncannon.

Walk softly,

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