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[at-l] Globaline Boots

I bought a pait of Asolo Globaline Meridians about 4 months ago and
love them.  Very comfy although god-awful ugly.  Haven't put that many
miles on them though so can't comment on reliability yet.  Just make
sure you get the right model for your width of foot.  Paid about 180 for


Phil Romans wrote:
> Ok,
>         I did some research again today on trying to find out if I could
> get my boots resoloed in the middle of the hike.  And it is not looking
> good at all.  Everywhere I went it was 3 weeks.  I have a pair of Rachlie
> Eigers that are finally broken in and a really solid boot.  But i am
> starting to break down to think about getting a second pair to make it
> the rest of the way.
>         The pair I am looking at is the Asolo Globaline.
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