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Re: [at-l] car/day hikes

>Has anyone ever done a thru or long-distance hike on the AT with a =
>two cars and leap-frogging??  You know, leave a car at the end of a =
>(as far as you think you can get without resupply), a car at the =
>then when you get to the "end car", drive back, pick up the "beginning =
>drive to the next "endpoint", leave a car then drive back to where you
>left off (after resupplying, doing laundry, picking up mail, or whatever
>else you need to do "in town").  I know this sounds convoluted, but is =
>just too impractical, or too wimpy, for folks to consider?  At least you
>would never have to hitch (barring unforseen circumstances), could have=20
>a second set of clothes in the car, or whatever.

There was one time where a friend of I did Amacalola(sp!?) approach to
Neels Gap.   This is about 40 miles or so.  Its been a while so it may
be a bit more.  We parked one car at Amacalola(since we had to get
their to begin with) and another car at Neels Gap.  We didn't have a
car in the middle but my heathen partner brought his cell phone and
call his girl friend to meet up as Wood Gap which is about the half
way point.  She brough us clean T-shirts since it was late July and
colars around our shirts were around our waist.  She was also nice
enough to bring us some power bars and some rice.  So, really she
saved us a lot of grief of having to carry a lot of extra weight.   I
also sat in her  car for about 15 minutes with the AC running to just
remind myself how well it felt.  I am exagerrating though, it was a
short trip, maybe 5 and half days of moderate hiking.

Sometimes, if there is a possibility of hoeing out on a trip half way,
then someone in our party likes to take it.  So, we usually try to
avoid the extra car if we can.  The discussions on the trail can lead
to Waffle House sometimes or the Huddle House can be a good sustitute
when you are hungry for some real food.  Considering that we hike and
live in north Georgia mountains, the Waffle House is a good bit away.

What part of the AT do you live near?


Courtney Smith

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