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Re: [at-l] Theft prevention on AT

> How careful do I have to be with me gear in shelters?  In town?  Can I let it
> out of my sight?

In shelters:  Keep your gear together, what you don't need right now
should be in your pack.  Others would be less tempted, if they don't see
that $300 camera just laying there.  Your shelter-mates will appreciate
the neatness, also.

In town:  Don't get out of sight of your pack.  In a restaurant, etc,
pick a table near the window, put your pack outside that window so you
can see it.  Try not to leave it at the edge of the parking lot where
some yahoo could easily toss it into the back of his truck.  A trick I
learned some years ago is to undo your shoulder straps at the adjustment
buckles.  Nobody could get far with your pack if the only way to carry
it is in a bear hug.  If you have an removable top pocket, keep wallet,
id, camera, essentials in it, and take it with you if you leave your

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