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Re: [at-l] Pack Covers

>Any thoughts about using a trash compactor bag INSIDE the pack instead of a
>pack cover OUTSIDE the pack?  That's 2oz vs 8oz.  I'm going to try that
>this year.  The trash compactor bags are made of 3mil plastic and are MUCH
>tougher than garbage bags.

Great idea!  I hadn't thought of that...  Actually, most of the time I just
don't take a packcover at all (my pack seems to be fairly waterproof - and
it doesn't usually rain a lot where I usually hike (southwest USA and high
Sierra in July/August)), but then worry what will happen if a monsoon sneaks
up on me.  This sounds like a good, lightweight compromise.


Karen Elder
Aikido Kokikai Albuquerque
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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