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Re: [at-l] Hiking fog-blind

At 04:41 AM 1/21/97 PST, R. L. (Dick) Wix wrote:
>forest.!!!  (there's a commercial brand of "stuff" called "CAT CRAP" that's
>supposed to work, never tried it)...

I've used "Cat Crap" and it works pretty well.  It looks and feels like
some sort of bluish soap.

I think that it works by breaking down the surface tension of whatever fog
droplets form on the lenses.  The droplets then spread out in a film,
rather than diffacting the light coming through.

One caveat though... in really cold weather you get a layer of ice on your
lenses instead of frost.  Either way you can't see!

Has anyone tried the balaclavas and/or face masks with a mesh piece over
the mouth and an opening under the nose?  Do they work?  I'm OK as long as
I don't cover my mouth and nose up.

-- Jim Mayer
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