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Re: Ward Leonard?

(Crossposting to both lists...)

>What's the latest sighting of Ward?
At the Gathering this fall, a representative from the ATC told a group
of us that Ward had been arrested near Boiling Springs, PA, in late
summer/early fall.  It seemed he had come up to  the Alec Kennedy
shelter, and began bothering a couple, ie, asking them why they were
hiking, talking loudly, etc.  The couple became concerned enough that
they went into Boiling Springs and swore out a warrant for his arrest.
Ward was taken into custody, and then he was sent out West for a
mental evaluation.  As I understood it, Ward was then sent back to PA,
and was awaiting trial at that time (mid October 1996).

I gather that this incident at Alec Kennedy was the  "straw that broke
the camel's back".  It seems that a number of parties had become more
and more concerned over Ward's actions recently, and the incident at
Blackburn added to that concern.  Also, I think a number of people
became concerned about Ward's safety to himself as well.


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