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AT Trail

Great page! I am planning a 25 day hike starting in May at Springer
Mountain with a colleague and her dad (he is 70). I teach at a small
collage (Bluefield College) in Southwest Viginia on the WV state line.
We hiked Sugar Run Mountain and Dismal Creek Wednesday and start our
weekly training Monday. We are going to walk to and from school which is
a total of 4 miles. We plan on doing this 3 days a week (12 miles) for
5-6 weeks and then increase it to 5 days a week (20 miles) for 4 weeks
and then increase to 36 miles for another 4 weeks. The last 4 weeks will
include climbing a mountain weekly. We also plan on carrying our packs
increasing the weight every couple of weeks. Does this sound like a good
training schedule? We also want to try to hike 12 miles a day when we
start in May. Is that reasonable? Oh yea, I teach art here and just got
my own homepage. I would appreciate some feedback. 

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