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Re: [at-l] Hiking fog-blind


Has anyone tried the balaclavas and/or face masks with a mesh piece over
the mouth and an opening under the nose?  Do they work?  I'm OK as long as
I don't cover my mouth and nose up.

 -- Jim Mayer

I use that sort of a face mask when snowboarding in really cold weather. 
 It's a neoprene face mask connected to a turtle fur piece that wraps around 
the neck and velcros in back.  Sometimes I'll even put a balaclava on under 
it (with it pulled beneath the chin, though).  They're pretty effective and 
they never steam up my ski goggles, probably because the nose piece is open 
underneath and your breath has somewhere to go.  They do restrict breathing 
a little, but I generally don't notice it after the first 5 minutes or so.

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