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Fred I own the Large Wet Rib, its dimensions are 12" X 8" and is 235 cu. in. and comes
with a 16 oz Dana Water bottle.  It's large enough to throw in a camera, 1 qt bag of
gorp, bandanna, sunglasses, pocket knife, and some other misc. stuff.  I am assuming the
Large Dry Rib has about the same dimensions as the Wet Rib minus, of course, the water
bottle (3'') so I'm guessing the Dry Rib is roughly 9" X 8". The best thing you can do is
to take your pack into your local outdoor retailer and try it out. I work for Blue Ridge
Mountain Sports and we have people walk in with their gear all the time.  A good retailer
should be able to help you out or at least call Dana Designs and find the answer to your
questions.  I hope this information helps you out.

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