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[at-l] resupply plans

Dear gang,

I'm probably not going to be able to thruhike this year, but there's a slim
chance, so I'm still planning as if it's going to happen.

What follows is a list of maildrops, resupply stops, and days off. Could
someone who has thruhiked or at least done a large portion of the trail
critique this? I've tried to be very conservative, as I'm 38 and am going
to have to hike into shape from being a good bit overweight; but I'm a
pretty athletic guy so I figure eventually I ought to be able to hike
strongly. I have a detailed itinerary, but that's probably an exercise in
wishful thinking, I'm sure. This might be more real, though obviously
weather and injury could throw it all to hell. As I see it, this will take
slightly over 6 months.

My questions are:

Am I being too conservative? Too many days off? Am I overlooking
extra-tough sections that will slow me down more than I expect? Am I
planning for 5 days covering in a section that typically takes 2? Too many
maildrops? Stops that are likely not to be good for the resupplies I need?

Here goes:

Day     Off Trail               Section

1       Begin Hike
5       Neel's Gap GA           31.1            resupply
6               **day off
10      Dicks Creek Gap         36.2            **maildrop only
14      Franklin NC             40.3            resuuply
15              **day off
20      Stecoh Gap              50.4            resupply
21      Fontana Dam Shelter     12.5            **maildrop only
25      Newfound Gap            41              resupply
26              **day off
32      Hot Springs NC          66.9            maildrop, resupply
33              **day off
38      Erwin TN                66.2            resupply
39              **day off
44      Hampton NC              73.2            resupply
45              **day off
48      Damascus VA             40.6            maildrop, resupply
49              **day off
54      Atkins/Marion VA        74.2            resupply
60      Pearisburg VA           88              maildrop, resupply
61              **day off
68      Daleville/Troutville VA 90.5            maildrop, resupply
69              **day off
74      Glasgow VA              58.7            resupply
77      Tyro VA                 47.5            resupply
79      Waynesboro VA           24.3            maildrop, resupply
80              **day off
86      Luray VA                79.3            resupply
90      Front Royal VA          33.4            maildrop, resupply
94              **day off, Harpers Ferry VA
96      Boonsboro  MD           65.8            resupply
102     Boiling Springs PA      80.6            maildrop, resupply
108     Pine Grove PA           73.3            resupply
110     Port Clinton PA         29.3            resupply
115     Deleware Water Gap PA   72.2            maildrop, resupply
116             **day off
120     Glenwood NJ             59.8            resupply
123     Bear Mountain NY        50              resupply
130     Salisbury CT            96.5            maildrop, resupply
131             **day off
137     Cheshire MA             79.2            resupply
143     Manchester Center VT    72.2            maildrop, resupply
144             **day off
150     South Pomfret VT        78.3            **maildrop only
152     Hanover NH              16.2            resupply
155     Glencliff NH            42.1            **maildrop only
158     North Woodstock NH      25.5            resupply
159             **day off
166     Gorham NH               73.9            resupply
170     Andover ME              47.9            **maildrop only
175     Stratton ME             61              resupply
180     Monson ME               73.7            maildrop, resuuply
181             **day off
190     Katahdin                120.1           End Hike

Any comments welcome.


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