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[at-l] Re: Warranties

Hello list.  

I have been lurking on the list for quite awhile and have really enjoyed
reading all of your opinions, experiences, and observations.  My name is Dean
Butterworth and I live in Stratford, CT.  I thru hiked the AT in '95 from
April 21 to Oct 27.  It was an incredible experience which has altered the
way I view life.  I am still trying to adjust my life to be more in keeping
with that view.  Untill I get that figured out I'm busy working and saving
money for my next big trip.  Hopefully this summer I will be hiking the
Colorado Trail and finishing up the Long Trail if time and money permit.

My experiences with gear companies is recounted below.

-I too have had nothing but good experiences with the people at Kelty.  They
replaced the hip belt for my Super Tioga during my thru hike with no
questions asked.

-I also received excellent service from the people at Sweetwater when the
locking pin for the pump arm on my Guardian filter broke.  They sent out a
replacement right away and even included a free cleaning brush.(It's not much
but it's the thought that counts)

-Unfortunately, I was not impressed with Asolo's customer service, either. My
Asolo AFX 530's delammed coming into DWG.  I called their customer service
line and they began to give me the 3rd degree.  After a series of questions
they said that I was using the boots in a way that they never intended (i.e.
long miles with "heavy" loads) and that I got about as much mileage on the
boots as was to be expected.  I had started wearing them in Damascus. 

Gear does wear out on a thru hike, and in general the support from the
manufacturers is great.  As with everything a little patience and flexibility
go a long way in overcoming these minor tribulations.  If patience and
flexibility are in short supply make sure you have plenty of duct tape. :-)

Keep on Keepin' on!
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