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Re: [at-l] Experience with 2 meter hand held?

One year when I worked for a camp and we were doing parts of the at 
(NY/CT) we carried radios for safety/organization (it helped because 
occasionaly we would have to make a staff substitution part-way through 
the trip, and they knew where to find us.

Anyway, the guy who rented them to the camp claimed that with the 
repeaters we could talk for miles and miles (the section of trail we were 
doing was pretty close to camp), and it turned out not to work very well 
at all.

Having *no* experience in this area, I can't tell you anything about what 
type they were, other than they seemed like my prototypical expectation 
of what a walkie-talkie should look like (short antenna).


Jeff Mosenkis            MAPSS Student          University of Chicago
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