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[at-l] Considering a thru-hike, many questions.

Hi everyone, my name is Dan.  I'm a senior at Temple Univ. in Philadelphia, but
home is in California.

I am thinking about a thru hike, and am not sure where to begin my planning.
If you can answer any of my questions, or offer some advice, I'd appreciate it
very much.

- Can the length be done in 3 months, solo?
- What range of weather can be expected GA>ME from mid-may to Labor Day?
- How far apart are the average food drops, in days or miles at a quick pace?
- Has anyone out there been successful with only 4 months planning?
- Does anyone have the number for the ATC?
- How bad is the humidity?
- What is the most elevation gained in one stretch?

I am trying to determine first if this is possible, then I'll begin working the
 actual logistics.  Is there a documented, systematic approach to planning that
 I am not aware of?

Being new to this group, I'm sorry if these are ignorant questions, but that's
why I'm asking them. :*)

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