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RE: [at-l] Re: Warranty repairs

>Jeff mentioned stories about repairs on the Trail.  While I was hiking 
>part of the AT in '93, I bent my pack frame (Kelty Tioga) from repeatedly 
>setting it down too hard and falling on bog bridges.  I called Kelty from 
>Bascom Lodge on Mt. Greylock.  They told me that at my next town stop 
>they would have a new frame waiting for me at the post office.  And sure 
>enough, it was there when I got into town.  This was free of charge and 
>the person on the phone was very helpful.  Mind you, I was willing to pay 
>for the new frame, even offered, but they said it was no problem.  So 
>kudos to Kelty (for all you hard-core external folks out there).  

We had a similar experience with Kelty on our hike.  At the time they were one
of the best packs on the trail, but the hip belt tended to wear our were it met the
frame after 1500 miles.  We sewed extra patches on the belt to try to prevent 
this problem but the material still gave way. So after about 1500 miles we stopped
in at a local back packing store and they replaced both of our hip belts (No questions

We'll still use those packs this summer went we return for a two month anniversary
hike on the trail.

Ron Moak 

ME-GA '77  (http://www.fallingwater.com/at)
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