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[at-l] Re: Warranty repairs

Hello everyone,

Jeff mentioned stories about repairs on the Trail.  While I was hiking 
part of the AT in '93, I bent my pack frame (Kelty Tioga) from repeatedly 
setting it down too hard and falling on bog bridges.  I called Kelty from 
Bascom Lodge on Mt. Greylock.  They told me that at my next town stop 
they would have a new frame waiting for me at the post office.  And sure 
enough, it was there when I got into town.  This was free of charge and 
the person on the phone was very helpful.  Mind you, I was willing to pay 
for the new frame, even offered, but they said it was no problem.  So 
kudos to Kelty (for all you hard-core external folks out there).  

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