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[at-l] Explanation of Possum Poop Patty

Origin of Possum Poop Patty...

Long ago, in a storybook setting (the AT near Standing Indian Mountain), a
group of three were doing trail maintenance (can you say trail work?).
There was Don (on whose section three were walking), John (that's me), and
John's wife Patricia (sometimes called Patty).

Don is a physician and is therefore interested in knowing about a lot of
things, as that is generally doctors wont.  He had received a new book for
Christmas on Scatology.  Scat or animal poop can generally be identified
as that of a particular animal by certain characteristics as explained in the
book.  Some folks can identify the type of scat from years of observation,
others rely on books or a combination.

Don had been pointing out all the various little piles of poop found as the
group walked along the trail.  Speculation as to the identity of each depositor
(or is it depositer) was discussed whith John and Patty mostly relying on the
newly-acquired knowledge of their companion for the definitive word.  

Lagging behind slightly, Patty called John back to look at a sample that Don 
and he had obviously overlooked in their bent to get on with the trail 
maintenance.  John doesn't like to climb the same hill twice on the same hike, 
but he reluctantly backtracked DOWN the hill the 40-50 yards to this precious 
pile which Patty was emphatically proclaiming as being Bobcat scat.  Now John
has seen a bit of poop in his long years in the woods.  Arriving at the
puported Bobcat scat and with little regard or thought as to Patty's childlike
glee in thinking she was indeed correct, John gives it a practiced, if cusory,
glance.  He then makes the following pronouncment, "Oh, that's just possum
poop, Patty.".  Now, no one remembers for sure who first thought of it as a
trailname, but John is pretty sure it was Patty.  She immediately and forever
became known as Possum Poop Patty.  That was many years ago - at least 11.

The P-cubed (P with a superscript 3) came from The Singing Horseman, AT '89,
who insisted on calling her P-cubed for she sometimes signed herself as PPP.

Sorry for the length of this message, as it seemed to take on a life of its

Oliver Twist, AT '83-'89
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