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[at-l] Fuel bottles

I just bought an 11 oz fuel bottle to replace my 22 oz bottle.  With fuel, I
have saved about 13 oz.  Most people who have spoken in favor of going with
an 11 oz btl have said it would be adequate for a thru hike.  What I'd like
to know is:  Are there any hikers out there who would disagree, and who think
the smaller bottle is not adequate?  I cook the usual backpackers supper, but
also heat water in the a.m. for coffee plus a little leftover to splash on my
face - probably 18-20 oz in all.  I use an MSR whisperlite, which boils water
pretty fast.

Also bought 8 Easton tent pegs and will save 2 oz over the old aluminum ones.
 Does the little cord attached to the top of the peg have any use, or can I
take it off and maybe save another half ounce?


Marty (Gypsy)
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