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[at-l] hoo boy, here we go!

'allo all--
well, i just got off the phone with continental...by some miracle they are
letting me use my free plane ticket to get to atlanta--i'm confirmed and
everything.  oh, geez.  guess i really have to go now!
the woman got a kick out of the fact that i don't need the return ticket cuz
i'm walking back.

anyhoo, just bought what will hopefully be my last piece of equipment--a 15
deg. bag from feathered friends.  anyone have any experience w/ their
products?  decided that it's justifiable to trade in the ole annie oakley to
save two phat pounds.  there doesn't seem to be anything lighter (1 lb 12oz
with dry loft!!) and man i love down.  course my bank account took it on the
chin but hey, i'm young...i have the rest of my life to pay off this
increasing debt, right?  ha!  

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