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[at-l] phish names

In a message dated 97-01-13 20:47:17 EST, you write:

<< Hey Poombah whadya think? A friend suggested Col. Forbin.......
 Take care all,
 Will Strickland >>

will, keeewwwllll.
i think antelope is awesome.  at clifford ball i tried to find someone
selling antelop patches, the ones that look like the roadsign to sew on my
pack for the Big Hike.
besides col. forbin, i thought icculus would be a good one too.  i have an
icculus '96 sticker on my car.  thought it made a nice statement about the
crappy choices for prez this year.  hey--I'VE GOT ONE!  how bout poster
HA!  or harpua??
god, the list goes on.  glad to know there's another phish head out there.
peace out antelope
always hikin like an antelope out of control....

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