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[at-l] relationships

tfort wrote:

> I have a question of a slightly different nature.  How many of you
> backpackers have partners/mates whom have NO desire in participating in
> your interest ?  I feel this type of compatibility is not important.
> I've always been a singlet hiker.  

My wife feels that roughing it is when room service doesn't answer on the 
first ring.  Before we were married, I took her camping at Hamondhassett (sp?)
state park in CT with another couple.  In tentage next to the car on grass is
about as tame as it gets.  She has recoiled from the thought of repeating the
venture every time since for the last 25 years.  My older daughter is not into
backpacking but has slept in campgrounds for folk festivals and dead concerts
My younger daughter is the backpacker and is now providing me with a partner.

Happy trails
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