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Re: [at-l] not so happy new year! :-(

In a message dated 97-01-03 10:25:59 EST, you write:

<< Yes, but you have that lovely quilt for coverin'-up with...:-))) Just goes
 prove that it is safer on the trail than at home... >>

Thanks for the laugh, Felix!  My ankle is feeling about as good as it was
before I twisted it now.  Of course, that is never 100%.  It's a weird ankle.
 I can go for days with little problems and then out of nowhere it'll start
bothering me again.  I can walk up and down the mts. and not have a major
problem (just feeling a little pain) and then come back to the flat hard
pavements and have lots of problems.

(I think I owe you another note.  I am so far behind due to being over 40.
 More later.)


FOUND IT!  It was in reference to my "old trail name" (which is STILL my
trail name at this point). I was sure a looking  for the "ALice in
 Wonderland" line!!!!  Right now it would really fit too!  I have pondered
over the whole issue of my/our trail name(s) and at this point have decided
to just let things take their course.  Perhaps it'll all "cure" itself.  We
are waiting in great anticipation to see if we have bought this property
somewhat near Hot Springs or not.  It is scary as we have NO JOBS there!!!
 We will have debt, however.  :-))  
Perhaps I can stand along the trail at Max Patch with my cooking pot looking
for hand-outs.


Illinois Flatlander
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