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Re: [at-l] Temps

On Fri, 20 Dec 1996 10:10:22 -0500 (EST) promans@sloth.loyola.edu (Phil
Romans) writes:
>    I have a not so major question, where can I find the temps for
>different areas at different times on the trail?  (eg, which guide 

There maybe trail guides with the information, but I took the high tech
route to look for the information.  I asked NOAA at Blacksburg, VA (via
e-mail) for info on places like Big Meadows, Apple Orchard, Poor Mtn.,
and Mt Rogers (basicly along the Blue Ridge). 

The original post above was for long term planning of a non-summer hike I
suspect. My response isn't exactly what I expected.  Maybe they didn't
understand why someone would need to plan more than a day ahead, and
couldn't just go the the coat closet and get a warmer jacket.  But he may
offer some information about WX Radio  that is worth repeating.  See
attached below.

Peter Lascell
Forest, VA

    To the best of our knowledge the weather almanac information you have
    requested is not available for the specific area. Various types of
    weather information are presently available on INTERNET but specific
    information or specific forecasts for these individual areas is not
    available. Forecasts are for county and state wide areas.
    It is suggested the Trail hikers carry with them a 7 channel NOAA
    weather radio. NOAA weather radio is operated by the National Weather
    Service (NWR) thru-out the country. NWR broadcasts 24 hours a day
    days a week. An example of some of the items broadcast are as

    Short Range forecast (Forecast for next six hrs.)
    Normal forecast (Present to 36 hrs.)
    Hourly temperature,and sky conditions at numerous locations
    Climate information
    River information
    Severe thunderstorm watches and warnings
    Tornado watches and warnings
    Flash Flood & River Flood watches and Warnings.
    Winter Storm watches and warning

    Purchasing, and having a weather radio would be a smart move for any
    hiker or camper. It gives the hiker/camper immediate access to
    and upcoming conditions. These radios can be purchased for less than
    fifty dollars and many a lot less than that.

    Thank for your interest.

    [signature removed to be polite]
    Data Aquisition Program Manager
    Blacksburg, VA
    [NWS, NOAA]
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