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[at-l] plans...

I will be the first to support my plans...
	I am sure there are poeple that can just go out and do this.  I 
on other than, cannot.  There are many people intrested in what I am 
doing and this provides, at least, with information for them to go on.  
Several of them have offered to join up at points to hike with me for a 
bit, and this gives them a time frame by which to plan thier time off to 
join me.
	Another reason I like to do this is so I do not go hungry.  
Eating is one of favorite past-times, and I tend to want to keep it that 
way.  I have not tried to do anything like this before where i am just 
kinda taking 6 months off from my life to do something that I know noone 
personally that has.  So, this provides some means by which to re-assure 
myself that I can do it.  (hence, the HF thing as well)
	Finally... it lets my parents know what the hell is going on.  
They are the ones that oringally gave me the idea to do it when I have 
the time.  (Now)  It is a way of making sure they do not go off the deep 
end and also give something back to them.  They have given me the 
intrest, time, and love to make this trip possible.  Call it a checkup 
scheadual if you want, but they want to make sure I am safe.
	I know my mom is going to have a map at work tracking where I 
am.  Feel like I am going to be dubbed like a storm.. tracked on radar 
and watch by alot of people with intrest.  =)


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