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Re: [at-l] Temps

Peter -

For long term climate information try:


This is only for the East Coast.  For the western states try:


Just remember that weather data is usually taken in towns.  So
the temperature and precipitation have to be adjusted for altitude.

Walk softly,

>There maybe trail guides with the information, but I took the high tech
>route to look for the information.  I asked NOAA at Blacksburg, VA (via
>e-mail) for info on places like Big Meadows, Apple Orchard, Poor Mtn.,
>and Mt Rogers (basicly along the Blue Ridge).
>The original post above was for long term planning of a non-summer hike I
>suspect. My response isn't exactly what I expected.  Maybe they didn't
>understand why someone would need to plan more than a day ahead, and
>couldn't just go the the coat closet and get a warmer jacket.  But he may
>offer some information about WX Radio  that is worth repeating.  See
>attached below.
>Peter Lascell
>Forest, VA

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