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> > SANDY@mayo.edu wrote:
> We are carrying a Nikon SLR ( N70 if you are interested ), and
> will be shooting slides, which are being processed by Holland
> Photo labs in Austin Texas, (anywhere near you Tumbleweed ?)
I'm 10 miles north of Dallas in Plano. Live down road from Famous South
Fork Ranch. The one on the Dallas TV series... "never watched it" You've
reached the Famous Texas AT Ranch of Tumbleweeds' :) :) ;)
heehee  Austin is 4 hr drive from me. ;) and prettier than most Tx towns.

> . If we get anywhere near our plans we will shoot
> about 900 slides, which is the next problem, I don't think
> Dan is going to be able to post but a few ( file size ) so we
> have to figure out what to do with the rest of them .
> So stay tuned, same Bat time, same Bat channel ,and find out
> at what point on the trail Alison ACCIDENTALLY pushed me over
> the cliff .:-)

Sounds like my hike last May in the Grand Canyon. I got pushed off by the
Glad I'm just a little guy...I floated as I went down..But I'd rather take
900 slides than 900 falls anyday...OOPs your talking about
pictures.....Freezin' in TX...Tumbleweed

> Anybody weighed any good paper lately ? How about pencils ?

I've been meaning to do that.......:)
                                                          Catch ya 2
later.....T-weed "my branches are frozen"

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