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Jennifer Delia Sawyer wrote:

> I was surprised, however, at the page that listed your planned itinerary.
> Now, I know that you probably won't stick to that exactly, but it will be
> relatively close.  As a woman hiking alone -- no, as ANYONE hiking alone --
> are you sure you want that info plastered on the information superhighway
> for any  nut to access?
> My god, I'm sounding more and more like my mother every day...

Yea, but in my old age, I've realized that mom 's advice was actually quite
good.  I think you have brought up an excellent point here Poohbear.  I
greatly enjoy reading about other people's hikes (especially since the date
for my thru-hike seems to be reaching escape velocity), but I see no reason
to take unnecessary risks by posting specific dates or other information
that might allow some nut case to figure out where you are.  Especially on
the internet, which seems to have more than its fair share of nut cases.
My .02.

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