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Re: [at-l] lightwieght stuff...

Many people use wide mouth 1L soda bottles.  They are pretty strong, and you
replace them every few weeks so you don't have to worry about stuff growing
in them.  They are about 2oz, and so are significantly lighter than the
regular Nalgene bottles (3oz) or the lexan bottles (4oz).

I plan to carry one lexan bottle and a soda bottle.  I like the lexan bottle
because it doesn't pick up odors and has volume measurements down the side.
More importantly, I can screw my water filter into the top.

Sometimes the cheap stuff IS the light stuff.  The expensive items sometimes
have extra "features" (zippers, pockets, life-time warranties, do-dads) that
add up to more weight.  You might want to look at Ray Jardine's PCT Handbook
for ideas on how to save money & weight - he is a character, but has some
very interesting ideas.  You can pick and choose.

-- Jim

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