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Re: [at-l] lightwieght stuff...

Phil Romans wrote:
> gear gear gear...
>         I love it but alas, I can't afford all the cool lightweight
> stuff.   I have gotten as much as I can, but there is a limit to a recent
> college graduate poor outdoors lover can go for.

Have you seen Sierra Trading Post's catalogue? Lots of pretty good gear
*really* cheap. Alot of them are closeout sales, some are 2nds from the
manufacturer. I was looking through it last night and found a down vest
for $39 and some Columbia rain gear for $19.95. But then again I have a
whole year to buy gear. ;)

>         I am thinking of leaving my decent camera at home and just buying
> the cheap pre-packaged camaeras along the way.  Has anyone toyed with
> that idea or done it?  Sure, no zoom or flash... but to save weight where
> I can.

Some of the disposable cameras are really quite good for being a
cardboard box. Some actually have flashes built in and some even take
panaramic photos. I'd be a bit concerned about it getting squished, tho.
I have a Olympus Stylus that weighs just about the same as a disposable
(no zoom tho) and will probably hold up a bit better, too.

>        Another thing... I lost my MSR domadary at the beginning of 
> this summer on a SAR in NM.  Now I am stuck with regular water 
> bottles, should I go with 3 and a squeezer? 

That seems like alot of bottles. I was planning on using 2 bottles and a
dromedary 2 or 4 liter. Probably the 2-L to save weight. I think one of
them should definitely be a squeezer. I have a Nalgene bottle that looks
like a space rocket. It has a cap on it to keep dirt out and it holds
almost as much as a regular Nalgene. 

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