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[at-l] Cheap place for packs (?)

Hi all;
        I was just going through a catalog for LeBaron, an outdoors
equipment chain that has stores in Montreal, Toronto, Mississauga, and
Ottawa, and was wondering what would be considered to be good prices for
Gregory and Jansport packs?  LeBaron does mail orders as well as phone
orders, and I was thinking that for all of you on the list who are American,
their prices might be to your advantage (seeing as how the Cdn $ is worth
not-a-whole-heck-of-a-lot these days..).  A couple of examples:

Shasta - $276.94 (for both M and L)
Ladies Shasta - $276.94  (smaller than regular Shasta)
Massif - $363.00  (for both M and L)

Sierra - $229.72  
Denali - $229.72

I can't remember who it was, but someone was wondering about where to get a
good external frame pack.  I'm not sure as to the quality since I don't know
much about externals, but LeBaron also sells several CampTrails external frames.

I don't work for LeBaron or anything, but just thought it would be nice if
this winds up saving any of you some money.  If anyone wants some more info
on the store (phone order #, address, etc..)  just drop me a line via e-mail
and I'll be more than happy to give it to you.  Hope this helps
someone.....if not, delete it! :))

Take care,

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