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[at-l] Food....TVP

Hi Gang,

	I have been testing some TVP, that's Textured Vegetable Protein,
a meat substitute. I just heard about this stuff at the 96 Gathering in
Carlise. I have been drying ground beef and roast beef as the main
protein/meat for my meals. It shure is a lot easier to just buy a can of
TVP. It of course is not as good as real meat but it is acceptable. I
bought an assortment of TVP from Walton Feed INC (208) 847-0465.
Thanks to  Beau Bushor for the address. I purchased Bacon, beef, chicken,
sausage and taco flavored TVP. A 2.5# can costs abt $3.50 and contains 10
1/4 cup servings.
Walton Feed also sells a large line of dried vegetables and military
rations..MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat),   MRE components are also sold

	Mixed vegetables that I have dried are a big part of my hikeing
diet.  I have come up with some very good recipes for spaghetti , soup,
noodle and lasagna, etc. My latest thing however is to buy Hamburger
Helper, split the package into two meals for now....add mushrooms and
onions that I have dried, some TVP and I have very easy meals. I think
the Hamburger Helpers are not quite as SALTY as those Lipton noodle and
rice dinners. The Taco flavored TVP and a little cheese powder makes a
pretty good burrito.


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