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[at-l] Re: Pain Relievers

Let me provide a slightly different perspective:

I've used pain relievers maybe twice in the last 10 years.  I don't use 
them day-to-day, I don't use them when I exercise, I don't use them 
when I hike, I didn't carry them last summer, and I didn't miss them.  
Now I don't recommend that for anyone else necessarily, but as a healthy 
21 year-old male who never uses pain relievers, I didn't need or want 
them on the Trail.

For the first couple of weeks, my knees hurt for the first hour or so out 
of camp.  Then they loosened up and were fine.  The pain was bearable and 
I like to look at pain as, "a message that should be heeded."

So am I bragging that hiked Ga->Pa without pain?  No way.  I hurt every 
day in one way or another.  Just about everybody does.  The lifesaver for 
me was VASELINE.  I didn't start with it and that was a big mistake.  The 
walk into Hampton, TN had me in tears on every step as my thighs burned.  
I thought chafing was what happened to other people.  I was wrong. 

Hope this helps someone out there.

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