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Re: [at-l] long distance hiking with young teenagers

Diana L. Cascioli wrote:
> Also consider at that age, she is still growing. It might not be such a
> good idea to take on such a rigorous hike while she is still that young.
> I personally think that 17 is a better age. She will graduate from high
> school, be a bit more focused, and will be about to start on a huge part
> of her life (college). If she wants to do it then, I think the two of you
> will be much happier. :)

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The one problem with waiting would be that many times daughter/father 
relationships start to grow apart at that age. I've never been a daughter, and I 
don't think a father, but I had two sisters. Obviously, each relationship is 
different and you'll have to play it by ear. I think that if she is willing at 14, 
and you don't think she will be at 17, you better teach her to light the stove. 

Parental advise is cheap, ain't it...

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