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[at-l] altitude and other breathing probs

I recently read an interesting article my parents sent to me a while ago 
from NY Times mag about a woman (about 50 yrs old, I think) who went on a 
trip in Peru that required high altitude hiking (her hiking experience 
consisted of walks around Central Park, NY City).

Wisely anticipating breathing problems 10-14,000 feet higher than she was
accustomed to, she had noticed olympic swimmers wearing something on their
noses to help them breathe better under exertion by taking in more oxygen. 
She got one of these little things and it helped her a lot when she
started sucking wind. 

I thought I would mention it because I just saw an ad for what I assume is
the same thing in this past newsweek (Year in Review issue p.107) under
the name "Breathe Right."  It is a little strip/tab that goes across the
nose and pulls the nasal passages open so they can take in more air.  It
seems like they are marketing it as a drug free alternative to colds and 
other congestion problems, as well as *snoring* - so pick some up for 
your tent-mate!

wishing a safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year to all At-Lers.  
May we all "hike our own hikes" well.


PS - this "breathe right" also looks like an aid for those of us whose 
glasses tend to slip down sweaty noses ;->0 

Jeff Mosenkis            MAPSS Student          University of Chicago
              *Freelance Joking Avunculate For Hire*

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