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[at-l] IRC Chat Info

     	Somehow I did not get several posts from the listserv. While
looking through the archives I enjoyed some messages I had missed. On IRC
I mostly use  "irc.bridge.net  port 6667"
 Once connected simply type    /join #AT   . All commands begin with the
slash /.    When you type /join #AT a window will pop up with the caption
#AT. If #AT is not already going it will create a new group called #AT. 
If you wish to see a big list of all topics already in progress type this
command  /list    . There are probally 2,000 topics!

	My CHAT PAGE has been out of operation quite a bit latley. The
host Beseen.com is moving and has been down. I hope its up again soon. So
If it doesnt work come back another day and try it.

Netscape users click for music

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