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[at-l] About Arnica

I looked arnica up in my Rodale book on Herbs.  It says it is for external
use only, so I must have taken some other kind of pill, but I know I did use
the gel 'cause I dug it out of the drawer.  It is called "Arnifora" arnica

Rodale says "The soothing qualities of arnica have been known for quite some
time both in Europe and North America.  While European herbalists concocted
remedies from Arnica montana, American Indians made healing ointments and
tinctures with native species.  A salve made from arnica helped to relax
stiff muscles, and a tincture was used to treat wounds.  In 1820, arnica was
officially added to the US Pharmacopoeia and is still listed in the US

.....An arnica ointment relieves the pain and reduces the inflammation of
sprains and bruises.  A 1981 German study found two substances in this herb,
helenalin and dihydrohelenalin, that produce anti-inflammatory and analgesic

.....The helenalin in arnica may cause dermatitis in some individuals."

Need we know more?   I just personally have not found any relief using this
gel.  But others might.

IL Fltlndr@aol.com
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