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[at-l] New to the list

I  just joined the AT list.  I am 49 years old and have been hiking the AT
since 9/91 on long weekends and a couple times a year for 10 to 14 days at a
time as my job commitments allow.  At the end of October 96 I reached the
southern boundary of Shenendoah National Park. I guess that puts me about a
third of the way to Katahdin.  My wife and two German Shepherds drop me off
at trailheads and usually pick me up 12 - 15 miles later at a road crossing.
On the few occasions that road crossings were too far apart for a day hike I
stay in shelters or in a one person tent I carry.  I wish that my wife would
hike with me but she does not have the interest in the solitude or the
physical challenge the AT requires.  I am most grateful to her for portaging
me around however.  We stay in campgrounds or motels on our trips to the AT.
We live in Wheeling, W. Va.  I truly love the beauty and solitude that the
AT provides.  

I realize that most of you on the list are probably thru-hikers (I would be
too if I could ever win the lottery :>),  but are any of you proceeding as I
am?  If so I would enjoy hearing from you.  Assuming I don't win the
Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes my goal is to complete the AT by the
time I am 55 and then to start the Pacific Crest Trail.  


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