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[at-l] very good

Yes indeed, I could've worn shorts today if I hadn't been in the woods 
cutting our Christmas tree (East Anglia Scots Pine tend to be rough). 

I didn't tell you that the wind is blowing at 60 miles/hr from the west; 
the salt spray was covering my truck windshield even though I was half a 
mile from the sea....but I was looking at the mountains on the other 
side of the highway....dreaming...not much traffic here...

It was 55F in Corner Brook this morning, a friend from Florida said it 
was 36F down there....but it won't last; the forecast is for 32F 
here tomorrrow...



       Doug Gibbons, Port aux Basques, Newfoundland       

       A happy heart goes on forever.
       (Winter's Tale [Shakespeare])
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