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[at-l] Pity Party Apology

Someone wrote:
>I'm sorry you are not feeling well.  I don't blame you for publishing 
>the fact.  When I'm not feeling well I want all the sympathy I can get 
>from any source! 

YIKES..this isn't what I wanted to do.....
I will admit that I figured my post would explain why I hadn't answered
any of my e-mail to people requesting copies of the book list but I 
didn't mean it as an invitation to a pity party. 
 But on a more
_sober_ evaluation of the post, I did go into more detail on my 
condition than was necessary to broach the subject of being sick on the
I was thinking of the posts and journals I've read which talked about 
towns where the only motel was at one end of town and the only  
reataurant/food store was at the other.  Considering my difficulty in 
getting from one end of the house to the other, I couldn't imagine 
dealing with this problem.<<<What a wusse(sp?)>>

Also..to hike the trail, most people have to quit their job which is
usually the source of their hospitalization insurance.  Being self
employed, I know the problems/cost of self-insuring and wondered how 
this is handled during a thru. 
My apologies for the woosey nature of my previous post.  I think I'll 
blame it on the wine.  In any case, either Gram's remedy worked or a
sunny morning did, but I'm feeling much better and no sympathy is 

I've learned a lesson in good listzenship....
		never drink and post!!  <<sheepish grin>>  Kahley	
May the holidays find you all well and bring you your heart's desire!!
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