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Re: [at-l] Happy Holidays

Douglas K Gibbons wrote:
> Season's Greetings from Newfoundland:
>         It sure has been interesting and educational to listen to all
> the chat. I feel like I have the best seat in the theatre, thanks for
> letting me sit in. It's so easy to make plans with all the info coming
> in.
>         As you all know, Santa Claus lives in Canada and gets here
> first...I'll put in a good word for you all ;-)
>         Send snow! (50F here today. Not even any snow on the
> mountains).

Just as I figured, I live in Nashville where it snowed all day yesterday
and the temps have been (at least in my mind) bone chillingly cold, and
some guy in Newfoundland is probably walking around in shorts thinking
about what a great tan he could get if the days were just a bit longer
Oh well, Happy Holidays to everyone anyway :)
E. George Oeser (aka Needles)

>         cheers,
> Doug
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