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[at-l] Ted Bundy was well groomed!

> In a message dated 96-12-18 17:38:36 EST, you write:
> << 3 skinheads from eastern europe who were on their second day there.  Just
>  pitched our tentage far enough from the shelter that i could see them coming
>  and slept with one eye open.  >>
> BTW, did these people give you any indication of mallicious intent outside of
> their appearance?  Not all people with shaved heads and tatoos are
> necessarily mean. 
> Horus 
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Their philosophical leanings were made quite plain in their entry to the 
shelter log and their carvings in the floor and walls of the shelter.  If 
they were just ordinary folks who carved initials into the shelter or made
inappropriate remarks in the log, I would have attempted to diplomatically
point out to them the purpose of the log and the need to keep the shelter
looking good; but in this case, as the man said, (don't ask me which man), 
"Discretion is the better part of valor"

Part of the problem is that there are shelters that are less than a mile 
from a road and even non hikers can get there.  It was at this same shelter
that a few years ago a bunch of kids (19 to 22 yrs old) showed up after dark
having hauled a beer ball up the hill from the road.  Since they were not
adverse to sharing their beer with the other hiker who was there and me, I
did not feel they were unwelcome.  Best part... these kids policed the area 
the next morning and carried out more than they carried in, (except the beer
of course)

Happy trails


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