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[at-l] [AT-L] shelters close to the road (was Ted Bundy well groomed)

> Part of the problem is that there are shelters that are less than a mile 
> from a road and even non hikers can get there.  It was at this same shelter
> that a few years ago a bunch of kids (19 to 22 yrs old) showed up after dark
> having hauled a beer ball up the hill from the road.  Since they were not
> adverse to sharing their beer with the other hiker who was there and me, I
> did not feel they were unwelcome.  Best part... these kids policed the area 
> the next morning and carried out more than they carried in, (except the beer
> of course)

You don't buy beer.  You rent it.  :-)

Seriously though, how many of us have had less the great experiences in
shelters that were "close" to the road compared to shelters that were
at least 5 miles from the nearest road?  I'm just curious.  One time a
friend and I got a late start and got into a shelter that was 6 miles from
the road one way and 8 or so miles the other way after dark.  As we approached
the shelter, I could see someone sitting on a lawn chair on the table.
I thought "great, a bunch of red-necks out partying."  Since they'd already
seen us, we went ahead to the shelter and talked with them.  It turns out
they were really backpackers who just found an extremely light lawn chair
and didn't mind strapping it to his pack.  (He did look comfortable sitting in
it. :-)  We got to talking to them and ended up spending the night.  It wasn't
too bad.  They shared some of their canadian whiskey with me.  (Since they
carried a lawn chair up a mountain, I wasn't too suprised when he pulled out
the bottle of Canadian Mist. )

I've never had a bad experience at all in the woods.  Maybe I've just been
lucky.  Anyone else?

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